The UPBW company was founded in 2001 and since its foundation it deals with specialist technologies involving design, adaptation and modification of vehicles in order to increase safety in hazardous conditions, implementation of prototypes into production, and overseeing of special purpose vehicles using a variety of materials: light metal alloys, steel, ceramic and polymers.


✓ design, manufacturing and supply of components and security systems for armored vehicles
✓ engineering and technical consulting in the area of construction, adaptation and modification of vehicles in order to increase their safety when facing
      special risks (terrorist attacks, retaliatory activities, active and passive passenger protection),
✓ implementation of prototypes to production, optimization of manufacturing processes using, for example, lean manufacturing
✓ design of vehicles, machinery and equipment
✓ design of bullet resistant glass and rubber seals
✓ design and manufacturing of special purpose electronics
✓ metalworking using CNC machine cutters: milling, turning, electro-drilling etc.


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