✓  reinforced hinges for various types of armored vehicles, among others: Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, as well as
      military vehicles



Our offer includes:


  Jeep J8

  MB Sprinter ‘10

  MB Vito ‘10

  Toyota 76

  Toyota 78

  Toyota 100/105

  Toyota 200

  VV Crafter ‘10

  VV T5 ‘10

  Uniwersalne Cargo

Comming soon:

  Nissan Navara

  Citroen Jumper

  Fiat Ducato

  Ford Transit

✓  Reinforced electric raising system for bullet resistant glass, standard design or with manual safety seal



Raising system, max BR7 class max – standard shear mechanism, with two reinforced 12V electric engines


Bullet resistant glass raising system for class BR6 max – utilizing a single vertical plate with a single, reinforced 12V electric engine, includes a manually operated safety seal

✓  limousine partition walls with glass raising mechanism


✓  reinforced hatch operation mechanism, manually or remotely controlled, electronic components within the modules: intercom,
      3-tone siren, remote engine control, etc.


✓  injection forms components


✓  small, light welded constructions


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